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Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Tiara Mas Buses

Key points to keep in mind while planning a trip with Tiara Mas

Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Tiara Mas BusesCheck out travel restrictions that apply to your source and destination.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Tiara Mas BusesBook bus tickets online in advance to avoid any physical contact.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Tiara Mas BusesCarry your personal hygiene items like hand sanitizer, tissues, and soap.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Tiara Mas BusesWear a mask all the time while you are on the Tiara Mas bus.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Tiara Mas BusesTiara Mas may not be providing you a linen or blanket, so make sure to pack yours during a long trip.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Tiara Mas BusesDue to temperature checks and precautionary measures, buses may get delayed. Save some additional time for your trip.

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Tiara Mas Bus Routes & Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Dompu to Jakarta20:0021:00BOOK NOW
Malang to Mataram16:3016:30BOOK NOW
Malang to Sumbawa16:3016:30BOOK NOW
Denpasar (bali) to Bima03:5008:00BOOK NOW
Labuan Bajo to Denpasar (bali)08:0010:00BOOK NOW

Tiara Mas Bus Ticket Booking

PO Tiara Mas is based in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, and started operations in 1994 with an intercity route service within the Sumbawa – Mataram province. A year later, the Tiara Mas bus expanded its network to Java by opening the Inter-Province route (AKAP), making it the first company from Sumbawa Besar that successfully pioneered cross-Java route services. In addition to regular buses, Tiara Mas also started running tourism bus rentals that were distributed in areas of the Tiara Mas representative office in 2003. The quality of the Tiara Mas Tourism bus services has earned the Bismania Best Tourism Bus 2017 award.

Mas Tiara Service

Tiara Mas uses Mercedes-Benz and Hino engines on its bus service which is adorned with a crown logo. Drivers and staff of the Tiara Mas bus are also required to serve in accordance with the motto "Your Satisfaction, Our Pride" that he upholds. Tiara Mas offers AC executive classes on various routes it serves.


Among the routes served by Tiara Mas, the most popular are:

  • Dompu – Jakarta
  • Malang-Mataram
  • Malang-Sumbawa
  • Denpasar (Bali) - Milky
  • Labuan Bajo – Denpasar (Bali)
  • Sumbawa – Denpasar (Bali)

Tiara Mas bus departure schedules vary, depending on the route you choose. Dompu – Jakarta, for example, departs at the earliest at 20.00 and the latest at 21.00, while the Malang – Mataram and Malang – Sumbawa routes depart at 16.30. Meanwhile, the Denpasar (Bali) –Bima route is served from 03.50 to 08.00 and Labuan Bajo – Denpasar (Bali) is served from 08:00 to 10:00.

Ticket prices for PO Tiara Mas vary, depending on the route you choose. Specifically for routes that start from Surabaya and head to Jakarta (PP), Denpasar (PP) and Sumbawa (PP), the ticket prices start from IDR 150,000. While for long-distance routes such as Jakarta-Labuan Bajo or vice versa, the price offered is Rp.950, 000.

Get the latest and best price information on Tiara Mas on the redBus, Indonesia website or app.


Facilities provided by the Tiara Mas Executive class bus include dining services, pillows and blankets, toilets, smoking areas, and LED TVs. Passengers are also free to move with 2-2 seat configuration and reclining backrest.

Points of departure

The departure and drop-off points of Tiara Mas passengers include:

  • Dompu: Dompu Terminal
  • Jakarta: Pulo Gebang Terminal
  • Malang: Klojen
  • Mataram: Mandalika Terminal
  • Sumbawa: Terminal Sumbawa, Terminal Alas
  • Denpasar (Bali): Mengwi Terminal
  • Bima: Jl. Cross Sape
  • Labuan Bajo: Labuan Bajo Terminal


Jl. Sea Commodor Yos Sudarso

Seketeng, Brang Bara, Kec. Sumbawa

Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara

You can get information about buses and Tiara Mas ticket reservations quickly and easily through the website and the redBus, Indonesia app.

Disclaimer: Bus timings, routes, and fares are subject to change. Please check locally for any last-minute changes. 

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Tiara Mas Bus Types
The various types of buses run by Tiara Mas are:
  • Executive AC (2+2)
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Tiara Mas Online Bus Ticket Booking on redBus

Booking a bus ticket has been made easy and convenient thanks to the numerous advancements in technology. And just like how cell phones evolved from traditional landline connections, old bus booking methods have evolved into online booking. Customers do not have to stand in a queue anymore to buy a bus ticket and board a bus or settle for a seat that a bus agent provides, as redBus offers every bit of information that they would need to book a bus ticket. Bus schedules, list of operators, latest offers, amenities available, seats, customers can find everything on the redBus platform, which can be accessed from anywhere. Click here to get the latest information on your journey when you book your bus ticket with redBus.

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Bus Amenities


Q: How can I book a Tiara Mas bus online?
A: You can book tickets for a Tiara Mas bus both online or offline. You can go to the bus depot and buy tickets. You might have to stand in long queues and then buy tickets. Alternatively, you can visit www.redBus.id and book the bus tickets online. Using the redBus app, you can book the Tiara Mas bus for different routes. Also, you can avail various facilities like Wi-Fi, Central TV, Food, Water, etc. You can then make the payment online via different modes like Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, etc.
Q: What are the ticket prices for PO Tiara Mas?
A: The ticket prices are different for different bus routes. The bus ticket price depends on the distance to be covered i.e. the fare increases with an increase in the distance between the pick-up spot and the drop off spot. The bus fare for PO Tiara Mas would also depend on the other factors like the availability of buses, the time of travel, the facilities availed such as an AC bus would cost you more as compared to a non-AC bus. The fare would considerably increase if you take meals, etc. You can check these prices on www.redBus.id. The base fare for Tiara Mas is IDR 150,000 and it increases with the facilities availed.
Q: Do I need to print my bus ticket to board the bus?
A: There are two main scenarios that you might fall into when you have to board a bus. Now, if your boarding point is at any terminal in Indonesia, passengers will have to take a print out of the bus ticket that has been sent to the email in a PDF format. The second scenario is when your boarding point is a bus stop and not a terminal. In this case, you will receive an M-ticket that you will have to produce before boarding your bus. If the operator does not provide an M-Ticket, you will have to take a printout of the ticket (PDF) that has been sent to the registered email ID that you have used to book the bus ticket on the redBus website. Some operators might levy a charge if these conditions are not followed.
Q: Should I book my bus ticket at the counter or on the redBus platform?
A: That depends on what works best for you. You could book a ticket at the counter but you might be too late to book a comfortable window seat or risk being too late to book any seat at all. A lot of people are recognizing the benefits of booking a bus ticket on an online platform like redBus. It’s easy, convenient, and leaves you having all your questions answered by just browsing the website. The website provides live updates on a number of different avenues such as bus timings, fares, available seats, pick-up and drop-off points, discounts and offers, and much more.
Q: What are the facilities available in Tiara Mas buses?
A: Tiara Mas buses are one of the most premium bus service providers in Indonesia. They use Mercedes- Benz engines for a smooth ride. This bus has a motto- “ Your Satisfaction, Our Pride” and it tries its best to live up to this moto. It has various AC buses as a part of its fleet. This bus service provider provides dinner, blankets, bus washrooms, pillows etc. for your comfortable journey. Also, these buses have separate smoking rooms. These buses are well equipped and are designed to provide comfort to the passengers in every possible way. Also, the bus comes with LED TVs, Wi-Fi etc so that you can entertain yourself throughout the journey. These buses have 2-2 seat arrangement. This gives you more leg space and area to roam about.
Q: What is the different pick-up and drop off points for Tiara Mas buses?
A: Tiara Mas connects a lot of cities within Indonesia. You can choose your pick-up and drop location from the redBus website. For Dompu the stop is Dompu Terminal. You can board a bus from Pulo Gebang Terminal in case of Jakarta, board the bus from Mandalika Terminal in Mataram, get down at Labuan Bajo Terminal in Labuan Bajo and so on. To have a look at the complete list, you can visit the redBus official website.
Q: How can I arrange the Tiara Mas bus schedule?
A: The bus schedule is easily available on the redBus website. You can have a look at the schedules and also make a booking hand in hand. All Tiara Mas schedules are there on the website. A bus from Dompu to Jakarta starts at 8 in the evening and the last bus departs around 9 at night. Different buses have different timelines. Choose according to your convenience.