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Efisiensi Bus Routes & Timings


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Efisiensi Bus Ticket Booking

PO Efisiensi is a bus transportation service whose homeland is Kebumen, Central Java. Efisiensi was first established in 1996 by Teuku Erry Rubihamsyah. The first route opened from this PO was Kebumen-Yogyakarta, then followed by several other new routes such as Cilacap-Yogyakarta, Purwokerto-Yogyakarta, and Cilacap-Semarang. If you want to experience riding this bus, order an Efisiensi ticket via redbus.id

Thanks to its service for more than 20 years, Efisiensi bus has received an award from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation from 2010 to 2017. Until now, Efisiensi bus online ticket provides several services in the form of intercity bus modes within provinces (AKDP), intercity interprovincial (AKAP), and passenger pick-up and drop-off ( shuttle ).

Efisiensi Bus Service

PO Efisiensi is a mainstay of the community, especially in the Central Java region, as a trusted autobus. By ordering Efisiensi bus tickets online, popular routes and departure points are available, and bus ticket prices are quite affordable.

Efisiensi has won several awards for serving passengers. This PO provides its fleet in the form of Mercedes Benz with a choice of Executive AC and Patas AC classes. Both classes have a 2+2 seating configuration. 

Travel from Kebumen to Yogyakarta City and Central Java via Efisiensi buses is handled by Executive Shuttles with Hino and Mercedes-Benz engines. This fleet is also equipped with various interesting facilities.

Efisiensi buses provides features and facilities as a form of excellent service for passengers, including:

  • Full AC
  • Comfortable seats ( reclining seats)
  • Reading light
  • TV
  • Free food and drinks
  • Charging points

Efisiensi Popular Routes

Efisiensi buses have become a popular bus for cities in Central Java. Some of the passengers' favorite routes are Cilacap to Yogyakarta (Jogja), Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Cilacap, Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Purwokerto, Purwokerto to Yogyakarta (Jogja), and Cilacap to Semarang . Check out a complete review of departure points, popular routes, and Efisiensi online bus tickets below:

Popular Departure Points

After ordering Efisiensi bus tickets, several popular departure points are available in the following cities:

  • Cilacap : Gumilir, Cilacap Bus Terminal, Maos, Reservasi Cilacap, Terminal Cilacap, Terminal Magelang
  • Yogyakarta (Jogja): Ambarketawang, Bantul, Giwangan Terminal, Halte Sumpiuh, RM. ELOK Gombong, Halte Gombong, Halte Karang Anyar, Rest Area Wonosari, Reservasi Ambar Ketawang, Terminal Yogyakarta
  • Purwokerto: Halte Wates, Bandara YIA, Rest Area Wonosari, Halte Gombong, Terminal Purwokerto, 
  • Semarang : RM. ELOK Gombong, Terminal Magelang

Ticket Prices and Routes

There are several Efisiensi buses departing from one source to another destination. Find out information on popular routes, bus ticket prices and departure points from PO Efisiensi:

  • Cilacap to Yogyakarta (Jogja)

Ticket Price: Rp. 90,000

Schedule: 01.03 | 10.05 | 17.05

Travel Duration: 4–6 hours

Departure Point: Gumilir

Drop Off Point: Wates Bus Terminal, Giwangan Terminal, Kauman

  • Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Cilacap

Ticket Price: IDR 90,000–IDR 100,000

Schedule: 06.15 | 09.00 | 11.30

Travel Duration: 7 hours

Departure Point: Ambarketawang, Bantul, Giwangan Terminal

Drop Off Point: Cilacap Bus Terminal, Camiara, Gumilir

  • Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Purwokerto

Ticket Price: IDR 90,000–IDR 120,000

Schedule: 06.45 | 10.15 | 16.30

Travel Duration: 5–7 hours

Departure Point: Ambarketawang, Bantul, Giwangan Terminal

Drop Off Point: Sokaraja, Purwokerto Bus Terminal, Purwokerto Old Terminal

  • Purwokerto to Yogyakarta (Jogja)

Ticket Price: Rp. 90,000

Schedule: 06.55 | 09.55 | 13.55

Travel Duration: 4–5 hours

Departure Point: Purwokerto Bus Terminal

Drop Off Point: Ambarketawang, Bantul, Giwangan Terminal

Ticket Price: IDR 110,000–IDR 140,000

Schedule: 01.02 | 11.02 | 15.00

Travel Duration: 6–7 hours

Departure Point: Gumilir, Cilacap Bus Terminal, Maos

Drop Off Point: Banyumanik, Bawen Terminal, Terboyo Terminal

Efisiensi Bus Schedules vary depending on the route you choose. Cilacap-Yogyakarta (Jogja), for example, departs at the earliest at 00.50 and the latest at 19.00 WIB. The Yogyakarta (Jogja) –Cilacap and Yogyakarta (Jogja) –Purwokerto routes both depart at the earliest at 06.00 am. Still, the Cilacap destination route is at 21.00 at the latest while the Purwokerto ends at 20.30 WIB. On the other hand, the Purwokerto – Yogyakarta (Jogja) route is served from 05.00 to 19.00 WIB every day. In addition to this, the Cilacap – Semarang route is served from 01.00 to 13.00 noon.

Efisiensi Headquarters

Jln. Raya Wonosari KM 6

Kebumen, Central Java

Telephone: (0282) 540500

How to Order Bus Tickets (Bus Operator) Online with redBus

Now, ordering Efisiensi bus tickets no longer requires visiting the bus operator counter at the terminal. You can order tickets online at redBus. The following is the procedure for ordering online bus tickets using redBus:

  • Visit www.redbus.id or download the official redBus application.
  • Write down your hometown or pick-up location and destination.
  • Enter the travel or departure date.
  • You can also enter your return date if you want to order tickets at once.
  • Click the “Search” button to find an Efisiensi bus that suits your route.
  • Use filters to easily find this information:
    • Bus operator that provides reschedulable facilities, money back guarantee and M-ticket
    • Bus operator with desired departure time
    • Bus type
    • Bus operator with desired arrival time
    • Buses are available at the desired departure point
    • Find the bus with the desired drop-off point
    • Bus operator with a choice of certain facilities, as listed on the redbus.id site
  • Select the seat number you want.
  • Determine the desired payment method.
  • Make payment to complete the transaction process.

    Disclaimer: Bus timings, routes, and fares are subject to change. Please check locally for any last-minute changes.

Cancel Your Efisiensi Bus Ticket and Get a Refund With Refund Guarantee

redBus offers another avenue of flexibility when it comes to booking a Efisiensi bus ticket in Indonesia. With Refund Guarantee, customers can now cancel their Efisiensi bus ticket and get a refund. A customer has to make sure that the Refund Guarantee add-on has been selected when they book their Efisiensi bus ticket through the redBus platform. Customers would have to pay a small premium when they select the Refund Guarantee add-on. Once done, the customer can avail a reasonable refund of up to 75% on their bus tickets if they do decide to cancel the ticket before their bus journey begins. Refund Guarantee offers flexibility and eliminates any inconvenience that could arise if the customer needs to cancel their Efisiensi bus ticket due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Efisiensi Bus Types

The various types of buses run by Efisiensi are:
  • Patas AC 2+2
  • VIP AC (2+2)
  • Executive AC (2+2)
  • Patas AC 2+2
  • Executive Class
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How can I book a Efisiensi bus ticket?
You can visit the Efisiensi ticket counter located at the bus terminal nearest to you. An even simpler booking solution has been provided by redBus, Indonesia. The user-friendly website offers a simpler way to book your bus tickets online.
How much does a bus ticket on a Efisiensi bus cost?
Ticket fares will vary depending on the pick-up and drop off points. You can visit redbus.id/en to help you stay updated on bus fares, availability, and much more. The payment platform on the redBus website ensures that every transaction made on the site is protected.
Do I need to print my bus ticket to board the bus?
There are two main scenarios that you might fall into when you have to board a bus. Now, if your boarding point is at any terminal in Indonesia, passengers will have to take a print out of the bus ticket that has been sent to the email in a PDF format. The second scenario is when your boarding point is a bus stop and not a terminal. In this case, you will receive an M-ticket that you will have to produce before boarding your bus. If the operator does not provide an M-Ticket, you will have to take a printout of the ticket (PDF) that has been sent to the registered email ID that you have used to book the bus ticket on the redBus website. Some operators might levy a charge if these conditions are not followed.
Should I book my bus ticket at the counter or on the redBus platform?
That depends on what works best for you. You could book a ticket at the counter but you might be too late to book a comfortable window seat or risk being too late to book any seat at all. A lot of people are recognizing the benefits of booking a bus ticket on an online platform like redBus. It’s easy, convenient, and leaves you having all your questions answered by just browsing the website. The website provides live updates on a number of different avenues such as bus timings, fares, available seats, pick-up and drop-off points, discounts and offers, and much more.
Which major routes are covered by Efisiensi buses?
Efisiensi is among the industry leaders in the bus service segment with the vision to provide high-quality land transportation for Indonesian people. The executive class buses are powered by Mercedes-Benz to ensure safe and reliable travel experience. The major routes covered by Efisiensi buses regularly include Cilacap to Yogyakarta (Jogja), Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Purwokerto, Cilacap to Semarang, Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Cilacap, Purwokerto to Yogyakarta (Jogja), and Semarang to Cilacap. The above-mentioned routes have a high frequency and are among the commonly covered routes by Efisiensi buses. You can easily visit the redBus website to check the availability of Efisiensi buses for your travel route.
Where can I check the schedule for Efisiensi buses? What are the timings for the first and last bus?
To check the Efisiensi bus schedule easily just visit the redBus website and navigate to the bus schedules for Efisiensi buses for your travel routes. The buses usually have a high frequency and provide services to passengers throughout the day. Here is a list of the timings for first and last Efisiensi bus for the major travel routes. Cilacap to Yogyakarta (Jogja) - First Bus: 12:50 AM, Last Bus: 7:00 PM. Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Purwokerto - First Bus: 06:00 AM, Last Bus: 8:30 PM. Cilacap to Semarang - First Bus: 1:00 AM, Last Bus: 1:00 PM. Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Cilacap - First Bus: 06:00 AM, Last Bus: 9:00 PM. Purwokerto to Yogyakarta (Jogja) - First Bus: 05:00 AM, Last Bus: 7:00 PM.
Can I cancel my bus ticket booking made online? If yes, how should I do it?
Yes, you can cancel your bus ticket bookings made online. You can easily cancel your bus ticket bookings made online using the redBus portal. Just visit the redBus website or mobile application, navigate to the cancellation page and within a few clicks, your ticket will be cancelled easily. However, the cancellation charges will be applicable as per the cancellation policy at the time of ticket booking. The cancellation rates are higher if you cancel the tickets just before the scheduled departure time.
What amenities do the Efisiensi buses offer to its passengers?
An Efisiensi bus provides a very comfortable and luxurious experience to its passengers. The buses are equipped with an array of comfort amenities including air conditioners, luxurious interiors, push-back seats with armrest, charging socket, LCD TV, mineral water bottles, foods, etc. The amenities might vary depending upon the buses travelling in your route.