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Table Data for Popular Bus Routes in Indonesia

redBus has teamed up with a group of well-recognized and reliable bus operators to provide transport services across thousands of routes in Indonesia. Offering unique amenities on the bus, passengers are greeted with a comfortable bus experience and at low prices. Booking a bus ticket on the redBus platform is quite simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Given below is a summary of a few of the popular routes among passengers that are booked in Indonesia.

Download the redBus app or visit the official website to get the latest schedule, prices, and offers that are available on the route you’re looking for. A lot of time and effort is spent on ensuring that a passenger gets the best travel experience that’s available. That is why redBus partnered with only the best bus operators in Indonesia. redBus also ensures that customer safety is the top-most priority, both on and off the bus. Apart from ensuring that bus operators follow the safety measures that are set, redBus protects any and all information that a passenger has entered into the platform while filling up their name or entering their payment details.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in these tables are susceptible to change. Please visit the official website of Bus Tickets Online to know more! 

Bus Timings for Popular Bus Routes in Indonesia

RouteFirst Bus (Last Bus)Average DurationAverage Fare
Bandung to Jakarta2:00 am (10:45 pm)3hRp 125.000
Jakarta to Bandung12:00 am (11:45 pm)3hRp 125.000
Jakarta to Solo2:00 pm (2:00 pm)7h 30 minsRp. 375.000
Bandung to Bogor6:30 pm (11:00 pm)3hRp 120.000
Bekasi to Bandung7:00 am (7:00 pm)2h 30 minsRp 120.000
Bandung to Bekasi8:00 am (4:15 pm)2h 30 minsRp 100.000
Solo to Jakarta2:30 pm (2:30 pm)7h 30 minsRp. 375.000
Jakarta to Surabaya1:00 pm (7:00 pm)10h 30 minsRp 550.000
Semarang-Yogyakarta (jogja)5:00 am (6:00 pm)2h 30 minsRp. 80.000

Before going home and looking for bus tickets for travel, check the following new rules!

Ahead of the Eid al-Fitr celebration, many people flocked to go home. One of the transportation options for homecoming that many people use is buses because they are affordable.

Considering that the pandemic has not yet ended, the government issued new regulations to reduce the positive number of COVID-19 in the country. Before starting your journey and booking a bus ticket, make sure you keep the following points in mind.

  • To date, positive cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia have reached 1,662,868 with a death toll from COVID-19 of 45,334 and patients who have recovered as many as 1,517,432 people.
  • Even though the COVID-19 vaccination program continues to be promoted, the government still requires the public to comply with health protocols to avoid the COVID-19 tsunami wave.
  • Based on the Circular of the Head of the COVID-19 Handling Task Force No. 3 of 2021, the government prohibits homecoming activities on 6-17 May 2021. That way, people are not allowed to travel outside the city or province, either using private vehicles or public transportation.
  • The points above are also emphasized by the Minister of Home Affairs Instruction No. 9/2021 concerning the Enforcement of Micro-Community Activity Limits (PPKM) in 25 provinces.
  • As a result of this PPKM Mikro regulation, the office again limits the number of incoming employees to 50%, shopping centers can only operate until 8:00 p.m., restaurant visitors are at a maximum of 50% of normal capacity, and places of worship are also limited to 50% capacity.
  • Especially for urgent conditions such as official travel, medical treatment, and visits to family members who die/are sick, the individual is allowed to travel with certain conditions.
  • People with an interest in out-of-town service are required to bring a letter of assignment from the leader of the workplace. Meanwhile, people who are going to seek treatment or visit family members who are sick/dead need to include a special permit.
  • Several regions, such as DKI Jakarta and Central Java, requested additional documents in the form of an entry-exit permit (SIKM) addressed to the local governor.
  • Until now, there are no rules to attach the results of the COVID-19 detection test as a condition for ordering bus tickets. Instead, the Task Force for handling COVID-19 at destination and terminal areas will carry out a random antigen / GeNose C19 rapid test on passengers.
  • The points above do not apply if you visit Bali Island or the Aceh region. The reason is, the local government requires visitors who come by land, air, and sea to bring PCR, antigen, or GeNose test results whose samples were taken within the last 1x24 hours.
  • If the GeNose C19 / rapid test antigen / RT-PCR test results are negative, but the individual shows symptoms of COVID-19 transmission, then the individual concerned inevitably has to cancel the bus ticket that has been ordered and needs to carry out further examinations as well as independent isolation.
  • Especially for children under 5 years old passengers are not required to perform RT-PCR / rapid antigen test / GeNose C19 test.
  • Once the online bus ticket is in hand, the passenger still has homework to fill out a health alert card through the e-HAC application before leaving.
  • People who are receptive to going home or traveling without a COVID-19 free letter are required to quarantine for 5x24 hours at the personal cost of the quarantine.
  • The government still imposes a maximum number of public transportation passengers at 50% of normal capacity.
  • Each passenger is required to apply health protocols and equip themselves with hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and spare masks. In order to avoid crowds, take advantage of the online bus ticket booking services available. Much more practical and safe.
  • It is prohibited to travel when sick, especially if the symptoms resemble the transmission of COVID-19, such as high fever, flu, cough, and weakening of the sense of smell.
  • Keep emergency contact for handling COVID-19. In case of emergency situations, you can contact:

    • National hotline center for COVID-19 at 119 EXT 9
    • Call center 112/081112112112/081388376955 (Jakarta)
    • 0274-555585 / 08112764800 / report.jogjaprov.go.id (Yogyakarta)
    • Call center 112/119/08112114152 (Bandung)
    • Call center 112 / 1500-132 / 08112900132 (Semarang)
    • Call center 112 / 1500-117 (Surabaya)
    • 1500-451 / 0361251177/085792240799 (Bali)
    • 081365043311/081368288282 (South Sumatra)

Important Things to Remember When Booking Bus Tickets with redBus

redBus offers you the convenience and convenience of traveling from one city to another with a safe and reliable online bus ticket booking system. The wide choice of routes, schedules, bus operators and even departure and drop off points is why redBus is becoming popular. Moreover, there are many attractive promos that can be found. Check complete info about online bus ticket prices, bus schedules and the best bus operators on redBus right now.

  • Some bus operators offer a Reschedule Ticket system in case of schedule changes. Some bus operators also offer refunds in case of cancellations.
  • Find attractive promos in bus details in your bus search, such as redDeals or cashback promos.
    The promo that is currently valid until March 31, 2021 is a 10% discount (maximum of IDR 20,000) with a cashback of IDR 20,000 which will enter the redBus wallet for new users using the NEW code.
  • Another promo that applies is a 5% discount and with a cashback of IDR 10,000 for one-time online bus ticket booking on redBus.
  • There is also a redBus Referral Program, where you get 20,000 redBus points if you invite a friend to join redBus.
    Some of the most favorite bus operators based on passenger ratings are Efficiency (4.6), XTrans (4.5), Nusantara (4.5), Joglosemar (4.5) and Sinar Jaya (4.3).
  • The most popular routes on redBus are Bandung – Jakarta PP (IDR 125,000), Bandung – Bogor PP (IDR 120,000), Bandung – Bekasi (IDR 100,000), Jakarta – Solo PP (IDR 375,000), Jakarta-Surabaya ( IDR 550,000) and Semarang – Yogyakarta (IDR 80,000).
  • The average facilities offered by each operator are air conditioning, reclining seats, USB port or charging point, entertainment, pillows and blankets (for long trips), meals (for long trips) and mineral water.
  • Some buses offer toilet and smoking room facilities, rest areas and safety features such as GPS tracking.
  • Ordering on redBus is easy. Just enter the name of the city of origin and destination, and set the date of departure and / or date of return.
  • Read bus options and check bus details, such as prices, facilities, departure points, drop off points and departure and arrival schedules.
  • Select the desired seat, then fill in your personal data as a passenger and order a ticket.
  • Pay using one of the desired methods: credit / debit card, ATM transfer, internet banking, cash via Alfamart cashier and others.
  • After payment is confirmed, tickets will be sent to your email and mobile.

Online Bus Ticket

Buses are one of the most economical ways to travel in Indonesia. Indonesia is made of many islands that are able to connect via landlines that are growing longer. With the developing infrastructure, the bus transportation business is also improving. With an extensive internet network, it's easy to book a bus ticket from city to city, from province to province and from island to island. One of your most trusted travel buddies for booking a bus online ticket is redBus!

Globally, redBus is trusted by more than 17 million bus passengers. No wonder redBus has a network of over 2300 bus operators worldwide. Tickets sold from the redBus network are worth over 180 million trips. This is because redBus offers the convenience of booking bus tickets online.

It's very convenient to buy a bus ticket for your trip with a simple online booking system. You can choose departure times, departure points, drop-off points, and the right bus operator with the redBus website or mobile app. redBus offers the comfort of choosing a seat, so there's always a guarantee that you'll get a place of your choice on the bus. Most importantly, redBus also ensures that you get the best bus ticket price at no extra cost. The redBus bus search process has been simplified so that prospective passengers can find, select, and buy bus tickets online from the comfort of their home.

Here are three simple steps for booking tickets through the redBus website and app:

  • Select trip details: Enter your departure, destination, travel date, and then click the 'Find' button.
  • Choose your bus and seat: Select the bus, seat, departure point, destination, fill in the passenger details, and then click the 'Payment' button.
  • Pay easily: Payments can be made securely through ATM transfers, internet banking like Mandiri Online and BCA Clickpay, credit/debit cards, via Alfamart, and more.

Once the potential passenger completes the payment process, a confirmation will be sent via email and to the telephone number of the registered passenger. On departure day, you will only need to bring proof of the transaction from redBus and show it to the bus operator. After that, you can take a leisurely ride with the bus of your choice.

Cancel Your Bus Ticket and Get a Refund With Refund Guarantee

redBus offers another avenue of flexibility when it comes to booking a bus ticket in Indonesia. With Refund Guarantee, customers can now cancel their bus ticket and get a refund. A customer has to make sure that the Refund Guarantee add-on has been selected when they book their bus ticket through the redBus platform. Customers would have to pay a small premium when they select the Refund Guarantee add-on. Once done, the customer can avail a reasonable refund of up to 75% on their bus tickets if they do decide to cancel the ticket before their bus journey begins. Refund Guarantee offers flexibility and eliminates any inconvenience that could arise if the customer needs to cancel their ticket due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Top Bus Operators in Indonesia

As the world's largest online bus ticket booking platform, redBus works with many of the leading automobile (PO) companies. Each bus partner working with redBus is here to ensure that your trip is safe and secure, from island to island, province to province, and city to city. Almost all shuttle bus companies with clean vehicles and sufficient facilities have joined redBus.

Among the many bus operators joining redBus, several are popular among the passengers. We have compiled a list of the most popular bus operators in Indonesia.

Pahala Kencana: Serving on 8 6 routes on Java Island is made easier by the Pahala Kencana, a popular bus service. It serves on the routes like Jakarta-Jember, Maintenance-Bekasi, and Madiun-Kebumen. In bus ticket prices from Rp. 150 to Rp. 280, you can choose Business, VIP, Executive, and Super Executive classes.

XTrans: One of the pioneers of point-to-point shuttle transportation services serving the Bandung - Jakarta route, XTrans has grown into an automobile company with hundreds of fleets stretching across Central Java. Bus tickets for popular routes such as Bandung – Blora (PP), Semarang – Pekalongan, and Semarang – Solo, are reasonably priced at Rp. 90 one way.

Nusantara: Originating from Holy, PO Nusantara connects cities in Central Java with popular routes such as Lasem – Karawang, Jakarta – Demak, and Pati – Bekasi. The fleet of 75 buses provides VIP, Executive, and Super Executive classes with GPS, driver, and insurance facilities in each vehicle.

Agra Mas: PO Agra Mas serves 370 routes with its most popular routes from Jakarta to various cities on Java Island, such as Semarang, Solo, Jepara, Yogyakarta (Jogja), Kudus, and Wonogiri. It offers a Super Double Decker class for between Rp. 225 and Rp. 250.

Lorena: Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and won awards several times, PO Lorena has many classes serving travel routes to and from three islands in Indonesia - Java, Bali, and Sumatra. With various classes and buses in its fleet, Lorena offers tickets from Rp. 165 to Rp. 395 for a safe and comfortable trip.

Kramat Djati: The Kramat Djati bus serves routes from Bandung to cities in Java, Bali, and Sumatra. Each day more than 80 fleets depart from Bandung to Semarang, Wonogiri, Magelang, and Lampung. With an economical bus ticket price, starting at Rp. 110 depending on the class you choose, this carrier is the top choice for traveling in Indonesia.

Efisiensi: Another award-winning bus operator in Indonesia, PO Efisiensi, serves popular routes from and to Yogyakarta (Jogja). Headquartered in Kebumen, Central Java, PO Efisiensi offers Executives classes at an affordable price ranging from Rp. 70 for short-haul routes such as Cilacap – Yogyakarta, Purwokerto – Yogyakarta, and beyond.

SAN: Founded in Bengkulu in 1978, the SAN (Siliwangi Intra Nusantara) Group connects Sumatra and Java Island with popular long routes such as Ponorogo – Bengkulu, and Solo – Pekanbaru. This is a great choice for the AKAP (Interstate Intercity) bus because of its excellent service and economical ticket prices.

Ramasakti: Traveling to and from Yogyakarta is easier with Ramasakti. Offering trips from Yogyakarta to Ngadirejo, Losari, Holy, Pati, Comal, and other areas of Central Java, Ramasakti offers tickets at prices ranging from Rp. 35 to Rp. 180 each way.

Sinar Jaya: PO Sinar Jaya serves many of Java Island such as Surabaya, Jogja, Semarang, Tegal, Wonosobo, Solo, Cilacap, Pekalongan, and others. Some of its popular routes include trips to and from Purworejo, as well as Sukoharjo – Tangerang and Wonogiri – Bekasi. For less than Rp. 300, passengers can travel comfortably with Sinar Jaya from Jakarta to Surabaya.

Most bus operators affiliated with redBus in Indonesia have easy to reach departure points. Some of the popular departure and departure points in Indonesia are:

  • Jakarta: Gebang Island Terminal, Lebak Bulus Terminal, Kalideres Terminal, Sunday Market Terminal, Tanjung Priok Terminal
  • Bandung: Pasteur, Dago, Puratiukur, Cimareme, Cihampelas, Puratiukur, Jl. Soekarno Hatta
  • Bali: Denpasar, Gilimanuk, Mengwi Terminal, Bungalow Terminal
  • Medan: Medan Sunggal, Sisingamangaraja Road
  • Surabaya: Terminal Bungurasih, Terminal Surabaya, Jl. By the way, Surabaya City Traffic, Juanda International City

Depending on the class you choose, each bus operator offers a variety of facilities that are sure to make your trip short and easy to reach. Here are some of the facilities offered by redBus bus operators in Indonesia:

  • AC
  • Toilet
  • Entertainment (music/television)
  • Reclining seats
  • USB charger for charging mobile phone
  • Pillows and blankets (for long trips)
  • Eat (for long distances) and drink
  • Rest area

Safety Tips for Passengers, Safety+ || redBus, Indonesia

Take a look at some of the safety precautions that are being taken by bus operators to combat coronavirus in Indonesia. Read on to learn more about Safety+ and the numerous measures taken at redBus to keep passengers safe.

The novel coronavirus has affected a number of industries across the globe. With lockdowns implemented in several countries, people are mostly confined in their homes without any activities to keep them busy. So, there are a lot of people who are waiting in Indonesia to resume traveling across the country and the world. As of today, (08-06-2020), there have been 32,033 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Indonesia. What are the safety procedures and precautions that are taken by bus operators, and what can I do to stay safe? Let’s take a look.

Some of the precautions that are being taken by bus operators are:

  • Every bus is disinfected and undergoes deep cleaning before and after completing a trip
  • Passengers are encouraged to bring their blankets or linens as these won’t be provided on the bus
  • Bus drivers and crew members are regularly checked with the use of thermal scanners
  • Passengers are screened for fevers before boarding the bus
  • Hand sanitizers are provided on the bus to keep your hands clean
  • Every passenger and personal on the bus has to wear a mask during the journey
  • Bus operators offer only alternate seat booking to promote social distancing

When booking a bus ticket online, passengers can use the filter option to select a Safety+ bus to minimize their chances of getting infected. redBus does spot checks at boarding and dropping points to ensure that bus operators follow the safety guidelines set by the Government of Indonesia. Visit the redBus website or download the official app today to see what redBus has in store.

redBus works with trusted carriers and shuttle buses. If you have any issues or interruptions during the trip, you can contact redBus Customer Care or go directly to Customer Service from each bus operator. Book your tickets right away and schedule a trip with redBus to find the perfect bus ride.

bus operator-routes-and-bus-ticket-deals-on-redBus


Q: How can I access redBus via my mobile?
A: Download the redBus application from Google Playstore (for Android) and App Store (for iOS). Install the redBus application on your mobile and find various attractive promos that can be enjoyed. The function of the city of origin, destination city, choice of bus operators, and schedule options can also be easily accessed via the redBus mobile application.
Q: Can I choose a seat on a bus via redBus?
A: Yes, you can. After you choose your departure location, destination city, date of journey, and bus operator, you will arrive at the seat selection screen with a seat configuration map on the bus. You can choose an empty seat that is still available on the screen before proceeding to payment. That way, your seat is guaranteed after you complete the payment.
Q: I traveled with a small child. Should I pay for a ticket for my child?
A: Each bus operator has its own policies, but on average bus operators in Indonesia require children over the age of 2 to pay for a ticket. However, if the child, both a two-year-old or below, sits in their own chair, then the child must pay for his seat.
Q: Can I cancel my ticket and get a refund?
A: Each bus operator has its own policies. Some allow cancellation and refunds while others allow cancellation without refunding fees. We suggest that you check each bus operator to see if the cancellation is possible or ask directly at the bus operator's outlet.
Q: Which is the cheaper option? Buy bus tickets directly at the counter/outlet of the bus itself or via redBus?
A: Users of the redBus site or application always gets you the best price. The advantages that can be obtained from booking tickets through the redBus website/application are the attractive promos from time to time and the freedom to choose a seat, as well as the comfort provided because of the certainty of getting a ticket before even arriving at the departure point.
Q: For a long bus ride, can I go to the toilet or eat and drink during the trip?
A: Yes, bus operators serving a long travel route will provide toilet facilities on the bus. Almost all bus operators serving the long travel route will also stop several times at a rest area so that passengers can eat, drink, go to the toilet, and stretch their legs. Several classes in the fleet of various bus operators also provide food and drink facilities on the bus itself. So you don't need to worry about getting angry or thirsty on this long journey.
Q: Which cities are popular for bus trips in Indonesia?
A: Almost all cities in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra can be visited by bus. In Java, cities such as Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Solo, Yogyakarta, Kudus, Surabaya, and Malang can be reached by bus. In Sumatra, cities such as Padang, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung, and Medan can also be reached by bus. Not to forget, trips to Bali from Java and Sumatra can also be passed by bus. Find the routes of your choice on the redBus site or application.
Q: What payment gateways does redBus accept?
A: There are many options. You can pay via ATMs, internet banking systems from banks such as BCA and Mandiri, as well as online credit and debit cards. You can also pay cash through stores like Alfamart to pay for your travel expenses. redBus has a secure and trusted online payment system so you don't have to worry about your personal or financial information.
Q: Where can I report disruptions or complaints about my trip or about the ticket I bought?
A: redBus Customer Support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You must enter your mobile number first or log in through your Facebook or Google account before making a report. Also check the page of each bus operator, some of which also provide a special complaint number or a special number for customer service.
Q: Can I use redBus to order bus tickets abroad?
A: redBus's global network serves bus booking tickets in the following countries: India, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru and Colombia. If you want to go by bus in these countries, please visit the redBus local sites of those countries and order buses easily via redBus.

redBus offers impeccable travels services connecting Indonesian cities together, top routes are:

A few of the many bus operators that boosts up the redBus inventory are:

Some of the well-known cities where redBus is constantly catering its bus services are: