Bus from Grobogan to Jakarta


Bus Sinar Jaya from Grobogan to Jakarta

Everyone who wants to travel from Grobogan to Jakarta, can easily choose the bus fleet operated by Sinar Jaya. This bus company promises convenient travel services for all passengers. Sinar Jaya path Grobogan to Jakarta providing efficient transportation services. All drivers are skilled and have trained staff who will ensure the safety of all passengers at all times.

Bus Departure Point Sinar Jaya on Grobogan

Ada beberapa titik keberangkatan yang cukup nyaman di Grobogan di mana bus Sinar Jaya melakukan penjemputan penumpang. Setiap wisatawan dapat dengan praktis memilih tempat keberangkatan yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan mereka di Grobogan. Berikut adalah titik keberangkatan bus Sinar Jaya yang tersedia di Grobogan:
  • Gubug
  • Wirosari
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Bus Drop Point Sinar Jaya on Jakarta

The bus Sinar Jaya stops and lowers passengers in various locations on Jakarta. This is to ensure the comfort of passengers to get off at the location they want. The following is the bus down point Sinar Jaya on Jakarta:
  • Terminal Pulo Gebang
  • Lebak Bulus
  • Terminal Kampung Rambutan
  • Kalideres
  • Grogol
  • Daan Mogot
  • Terminal Tanjung Priok
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Why order bus tickets with RedBus?

All our customers can enjoy various offers and cashback offers and can enjoy travel at good prices. S & K * We recommend that you order a ticket in advance (not mandatory) with Sinar Jaya when planning a trip from Grobogan to Jakarta.

Bus Type Sinar Jaya from Grobogan to Jakarta

Every traveler is worthy to travel easily. That is why, Sinar Jaya offers various buses serving from Grobogan to Jakarta. All depends on your choice, choose a bus from Sinar Jaya and make a pleasant bus travel experience. The type of bus Sinar Jaya which is in the direction of Grobogan Jakarta is:
  • Executive AC (2+2)
  • Executive (2+2)
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