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Family Raya Ceria Bus Routes & Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Muara bungo to Jambi09:0009:00BOOK NOW
Lampung to Payakumbuh17:0017:00BOOK NOW
Lampung to Musi Rawas17:0017:00BOOK NOW
Jakarta to Kiliran Jao11:0011:00BOOK NOW
Merak to Tebing Tinggi14:0014:00BOOK NOW

Family Raya Ceria Bus Ticket Booking

With two bus units, Family Raya Ceria was founded by Mr. H. Gusmaliadi in 1996 in Bangko, Merangin Regency, Jambi, with the initial route of Bangko-Bukit Tinggi. The bus company then expanded by adding to its fleet and expanding its services to include cross-province and cross-island trips. Family Raya Ceria began its operations with the Bangko-Bukittinggi route, then continued to spread to various cities in West Sumatra such as Padang, Solok, Pesisir Selatan and Payakumbuh. Now the Family Raya Ceria Bus service has reached Central Java. At present, the most popular Family Ceria Bus route is from Tangerang to Payakumbuh.


Family Raya Ceria Bus

With more than 20 years of experience, Family Raya Ceria is the best tourist bus in Jambi. With a service of 150 units that are always rejuvenated with the latest units, Family Raya Ceria Bus is committed to maintaining passenger comfort and safety with modern and luxurious facilities.

Family Raya Ceria Bus is available in several classes with various features, ranging from Executive AC (2 + 2), VIP AC (2 + 2), Premium, Toyota HiAce Shuttle, Toyota Innova Shuttle, Executive Seater 1 + 2 and Economy AC (2 +2). Passengers can choose according to the desired level of comfort.

In its commitment to safeguarding passenger comfort and safety, Family Raya Ceria Bus is strengthened by its fleet that is produced by Mercedes Benz, Hino and Mitsubishi with bodywork, among others, using the production of Adiputro, New Armada, Rahayu Sentosa, and Restu Ibu whose quality has been recognized.


The most popular Family Raya Ceria Bus routes are:

  • Tangerang to Payakumbuh
  • Lampung to Musi Rawas
  • Bangko to Padang
  • Bekasi to Solok
  • Bangko to Palembang
  • Lampung to Kerinci

Schedule for the departure of Family Raya Ceria buses varies according to the route you choose. Tangerang-Payakumbuh, for example, is served from 12.00 to 15.00, while the Lampung-Musi Rawas route departs at 17.00. The Bangko – Padang route departs at 20.30, while the Bekasi – Solok route is served at 10:00 to 12.00. Meanwhile, the Bangko – Palembang route departs at 17.00.

Through redBus, Indonesia, passengers can get price information and all bus departure schedules. For example, the Tangerang-Payakumbuh bus departs every day at 12.00 WIB and 15.00 WIB. The Lampung – Musi Rawas and Bangko – Palembang routes depart at 17.00 WIB. Meanwhile, the Bangko – Padang route departs at 20.30, and the Bekasi-Solok route departs twice a day at 10:00 WIB and 12:00 WIB.

Depending on the route and class you choose, Family Raya Ceria tickets are offered with prices ranging from IDR 85,000 to IDR 460,000. Get information on the latest and best Family Raya Ceria Bus ticket prices on the redBus, Indonesia website or app.


In accordance with the chosen class, the Family Ceria Raya bus is equipped with various facilities to add to the comfort of the trip. The Executive Class is equipped with, among others, air conditioning, toilets, blankets, music, footrests and snacks. On the other hand, the facilities for Premium and Luxury Classes include air conditioning, toilets, blankets, neck pillows, leg rests, smoking rooms, cooler boxes, music and DVD players, and snacks.

Family Ceria Raya also provides cargo services at friendly prices and on-time delivery using regular buses or special cargo vehicles. In addition, Family Ceria Raya has also begun developing a new business unit in the form of the Family Inn Hotel located in downtown Bangko, complete with various modern facilities.

Points of departure

The departure points and drop-offs of Family Raya Ceria passengers include:

  • Tangerang: Poris Plawad Terminal
  • Payakumbuh: Koto Nan Ampek Terminal
  • Lampung: Rajabasa Terminal
  • Musi Rawas: Tugu Mulyo
  • Bangko: Bangko Pool
  • Padang: Padang Pool
  • Bekasi: Bekasi Terminal
  • Solok: Solok Counters
  • Palembang: Ilir Barat II
  • Kerinci: Kerinci Base


Jl. Jenderal Sudirman (Jalan Lintas Sumatra KM 2)

Kec. Bangko, Merangin Regency


No. Telephone: (0746) 21948/21666

You can get information about buses and Family Raya Ceria Bus ticket reservations quickly and easily through the website and the redBus, Indonesia app.

Disclaimer: Bus timings, routes, and fares are subject to change. Please check locally for any last-minute changes. 

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Family Raya Ceria Bus Types

The various types of buses run by Family Raya Ceria are:
  • Executive AC (2+2)
  • VIP AC (2+2)
  • Shuttle Toyota Innova
  • Shuttle Hiace Executive
  • Economy AC (2+2)
  • Seater Executive 1+2
  • Shuttle Toyota HiAce
  • Premium
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Family Raya Ceria Online Bus Ticket Booking on redBus

Booking a bus ticket has been made easy and convenient thanks to the numerous advancements in technology. And just like how cell phones evolved from traditional landline connections, old bus booking methods have evolved into online booking. Customers do not have to stand in a queue anymore to buy a bus ticket and board a bus or settle for a seat that a bus agent provides, as redBus offers every bit of information that they would need to book a bus ticket. Bus schedules, list of operators, latest offers, amenities available, seats, customers can find everything on the redBus platform, which can be accessed from anywhere. Click here to get the latest information on your journey when you book your bus ticket with redBus.

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Bus Amenities

Reclining seatYes
Hand Sanitisers ProvidedNo
Charging PointNo
Reading LightNo
Water BottleNo


Q: What is the lowest price one has to pay to travel via Family Raya Ceria Bus?
A: Family Raya Ceria ensures the comfort of passengers by providing the best quality services at different prices. Prices vary depending upon the route and class of the bus you choose to travel. The lowest amount one has to pay for Family Raya Ceria bus can cost you up to Rp 85,000. For the Premium luxury class of buses, the price of tickets can be as high as Rp 460,000.
Q: What are the available classes of Family Raya Ceria Bus?
A: The Family Raya Ceria, being the leading tourism company operating in the areas of Jambi aims at providing the best services and comfort to their passengers. They ensure such quality with efficient workforce and by using modern luxurious amenities for travelling. Family Raya Ceria provides a good range of bus classes for people with different travelling expectations. Their class range includes Executive AC (2+2), VIP AC (2+2), Premium, Toyota HiAce Shuttle, Toyota Innova Shuttle, Seater Executive (1+2), Economy AC (2+2). Details about each of the class of Family Raya Ceria Buses can be accessed through the redBus application online.
Q: How much discount can I avail for booking Family Raya Ceria Bus through redBus application?
A: Booking a ticket for Family Raya Ceria Bus online through redBus gives you various offers while booking, unlike the offline booking via a booking agent. If you use your Debit or Credit card to book the online tickets, you may get exciting gift coupons and codes that can help you get a reduction in the price of your ticket amount. The discount schemes can help you get a 10% waiver or around 10,000- 20,000 cashback. redBus has some special offers for the first time users as well.
Q: Can I get a ticket for the next bus from Bangko to Palembang if I miss my booked bus?
A: It depends on the availability of the seats on the next bus. Generally, there is no criterion of automatically securing a seat on the following bus if the first bus gets missed. The bus status and the availability of seats in the following bus can be checked online by using the redBus application. The Family Raya Ceria has just a single bus running in a single day for the route Bangko to Palembang. You can also contact the booking agency near you to get information about the same.
Q: How much does a bus ticket on a Family Raya Ceria bus cost?
A: Ticket fares will vary depending on the pick-up and drop off points. You can visit to help you stay updated on bus fares, availability, and much more. The payment platform on the redBus website ensures that every transaction made on the site is protected.
Q: How do I get a refund after canceling a ticket on a Family Raya Bus?
A: If the ticket is booked online using the redBus application, getting a refund is quite an easy task. When you cancel the booking through the online application of redBus, the bus operator automatically gets the notification. The nominal percentage of the ticket price is deducted from the total amount in the form of cancellation charges. If you have booked the ticket through Debit or Credit card, the refund is made through FPX (Online Bank Transfer Indonesia) directly into your Bank account. This whole process runs with proper security of funds and private information.