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Visit Indonesia - Student Holidays Guide

Indonesia is a beautiful country you can explore on your own or with friends. If you are on a school holiday or summer school vacation, you can plan a trip around Indonesia on a budget. The best time to plan a vacation is between July and August. The weather will be dry and relatively more relaxed. You can also visit Nyepi, Pasola, Sekaten, Waisak, and more. Join the locals and participate in these beautiful festivals to experience local culture and traditions.

To visit Indonesia, you must get your Visa from the Consulate or the Indonesian Embassy. So it would be best if you plan ahead to get your Visa and tickets ready. When traveling around this beautiful country, you can explore many destinations and even get student discounts on entrance fees. So keep an eye on such places and plan the best tour of Indonesia on your student budget.

Weather in Indonesia

The weather in Indonesia is usually hot and humid, typical of the tropical climate. This weather is common in the plains, while the low-lying areas often receive heavy rainfall. If you go to the hills, you will find cooler and much more pleasant weather. You can visit Indonesia during your summer school vacation and enjoy the dry weather.

How to Get Around in Indonesia

Public transport is the cheapest and most convenient way to get around Indonesia. You can easily book a bus and travel long distances. Buses are quite comfortable. You can also opt for trains. But student travel by bike or scooter is the right choice for low-budget travel in Indonesia. You can hire two-wheelers for short journeys. If you are on a student group travel and want to splurge a bit, you can choose a cab or even rent a car and split the costs.

Places to Stay in College Budget

There are many types of accommodations for low-budget travel in Indonesia. Hostels are very popular, and you can find them at affordable rates in cities like Bali, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta. You can also find single rooms in budget hotels and guest houses. You can further cut costs by choosing a non-air-conditioned room with fewer amenities.

Popular Destinations for Gap Year in Indonesia

If you are taking a gap year, then you can spend it exploring Indonesia. You can go backpacking and travel to different parts of the country. Following are some of the best destinations to add to your trip during your summer school vacation holidays or gap year.

  • Jakarta

Jakarta , the c apital of Indonesia, is a hub of culture with its Dutch colonial structures, Sunda Kalepa, the old port, and the blend of heritage and modernity.

  • Yogyakarta

The city of Yogyakarta is steeped in history and has numerous beautiful temples that you must explore when you visit during your school vacation.

  • Bandung

The capital of the province of West Java, Bandung , is a bustling town surrounded by lush green plantations and volcanic terrain and is known for its incredible shopping destinations.

  • Surabaya

The port city of Surabaya is where you can experience both the past and present, especially when you go on a tour and see the tall skyscrapers alongside the beautiful canals and colonial-era buildings.

  • Bali

A trip to Indonesia is incomplete without staying in Bali. So, a trip to Bali is just the right choice for your gap year and student summer vacation travels. Bali is a province surrounded by lush, green rice fields with many pristine beaches and popular destinations that have caught the attention of tourists.

Activities To Do

You can enjoy many activities in Indonesia. When you visit during the summer school vacation, you can plan a tour of several cities without spending too much. Many locations do not require an entrance fee. Here are some of the things that you can enjoy on a low-budget travel-.

  • Sightseeing in different cities and touring the temples and historical buildings
  • Go on a jeep tour and see the Merapi volcano from Yogyakarta
  • Hike up the Tebing Keraton in Bandung to see the sunset
  • Enjoy treks and go camping
  • Taste authentic Indonesian food at local street shops
  • Explore the beaches in Bali
  • Go surfing with friends

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Top Travel Routes

Numerous travel routes in Indonesia are popular for student group travel and gap year travels. These include :

Top Bus Operators Within Indonesia

Several bus operators in Indonesia serve buses on multiple routes. These services are reliable and ideal for when you are on a low-budget travel on a school vacation. When you book through the redBus website or app, you can check if the student bus pass is available to get tickets at reasonable rates. We have listed down the top bus operators for the popular student travel destinations to help you make an informed decision when booking bus tickets -