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Introducing Pay@Bus

Book Now, Pay at the Counter

Now you can book any trip with redBus without any immediate payment. That’s correct! Pay@Bus is the latest feature by redBus which has added more ease to your bus travel. Pay@Bus by redBus removes all the cost-barriers for travelers. All you need to do is to choose your desired destination, book your bus tickets online, and pay right before onboarding your bus. No additional cost is involved when you choose Pay@Bus and decide to pay later on your date of travel. Booking a bus ticket online has never been this easier!

How it Works

how to pay at bus

  • Enter your ‘source’, ‘destination’, ‘date of journey’ and other information. Choose a suitable bus ticket and head to the payment section.
  • Choose Pay@Bus as payment option.
  • Head to the counter on the date of your journey and show the Pay@Bus code to the agent.
  • Pay for your tickets in cash.
  • Ticket confirmation will be sent by mail and on registered mobile number.

Top Reasons to Choose Pay@Bus

  1. Great payment option for travelers who are more comfortable with offline payment.
  2. No need to stand in the queue as bus tickets are booked earlier without immediate payment
  3. No additional cost for paying later
  4. A perfect combination of online booking and offline payment


Bus OperatorsOperational Area and Payment Deadline (before departure)Source City
Sahalaah(Jawa Tengah) 01:00 hourSemarang, Jepara
Haryanto(Jawa Tengah) 00:30 minutesBekasi, Bogor, Depok, Karawang, Kudus, Jakarta, Karanganyar, Pekalongan, Pemalang, Purwodadi, Semarang, Tangerang, Wonogiri, Yogyakarta
Medali Mas(Jawa Timur) 01:00 hourBekasi, Malang, Surabaya
NPM(Sumatra) 01:00 hourBukittinggi, Padang Panjang, Padang Pariaman, Padang, Medan
Transport Express(Sumatra) 01:00 hourLubuk Alung, Bekasi
Family Raya Ceria(Sumatra) 01:00 hourBangko, Jakarta
Adhi Prima(West Barat) 01:00 hourTangerang, Palembang, Jakarta, Bekasi, Serang
Aceh Transport(Sumatra) 01:00 hourMedan
Armada Indah Sumatra(Sumatra) 01:00 hourMedan
Sarwonadhi(Jawa Timur) 01:00 hourTabanan, Surabaya
Menggala(Jawa Timur) 01:00 hourSidoarjo, Singaraja, Surabaya


Q: How to book a pay@bus ticket?
A: You can choose the pay@bus option on the payment screen and pay at the bus operator counter a few hrs before the journey. You will get a voucher code to show the agent at the counter.
Q: How to pay for a pay@bus ticket?
A: You are required to pay in cash at the bus or the counter a few hours before the bus departure in order to confirm your seats. Failing to pay before departure will automatically cancel your booking.
Q: When will I receive the ticket?
A: Once you have paid for the ticket at the counter, you will receive the confirmed ticket on your email and mobile number.
Q: Will I be charged an extra amount to pay@bus?
A: No the ticket price will be the same, no extra amount is to be paid for paying the ticket amount in cash at the counter.
Q: Can I use offer codes with the pay@bus option?
A: No, offer/coupon codes cannot be used with the pay@bus payment option.
Q: What happens if I do not pay at the bus operator counter after choosing pay@bus option to pay?
A: Your booking will be cancelled and you will not be able to make another booking with redBus with pay@bus payment option.

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