The bus & shuttle operators have the right to refuse passenger boarding if the documents are not original, incomplete, or not in accordance with the requirements. Passengers will not be given any refund by redBus or the bus operator in case they are denied boarding.

Mandatory passenger requirements for travel in Indonesia

Passengers need to travel without symptoms and should not be traveling for mudik. Only passengers who come under one of the below categories of people are permitted to travel by the government:

  1. People who work for defense services and public order.
  2. People who work in companies providing health services.
  3. People who work for essential services that are important for the economy to function.
  4. People who need emergency healthcare, or travelling to meet seriously ill family members or attending funerals.
  5. Repatriation of Indonesian migrant workers, citizens or students who are abroad including the repatriation of people with special reasons to the area of origin.

In accordance with above, passengers must comply with the government guidelines for bus travel mentioned <here>. All passengers must provide documents listed below during travel to bus operator:

  1. Identity Card (Mandatory)You can carry your KTP or Passport
  2. Health Certificate (Mandatory)Show -ve results for COVID-19 based on PCR / Rapid Test or a wellness certificate from local hospital / clinic
  3. Statement letter (Mandatory): Explaining in summary the reason for travel, dates/schedules and providing details about documentation carried
  • Travel permission letter to be carried by people travelling for work
  • For people not working for government or private companies should carry a signed statement letter from village head(lurah)
  • For Indonesian workers returning from abroad, bring a Statement Letter from the Agency for the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BP2MI)
  • For non-Indonesian workers arriving from abroad, bring a Statement Letter from an Indonesian embassy or consulate.
  • For all students arriving from abroad, bring a Statement Letter from the university or school

4.Medical Certificate: If you are in need of emergency healthcare, bring a medical certificate from the hospital

5.Death Certificate: If traveling to attend a funeral, bring Death Certificate of the deceased from the hospital