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Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, the Republic of Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country that’s home to over 17,000 different Islands. A gift by nature, the country attracts over 10 million tourists every year. Bali and Lombok are the most popular. From deep-sea diving and beachside barbeque to ancient temples and volcanoes, Indonesia has a lot to boast. The capital city of Jakarta, on the other hand, is a metropolis and also one of the fastest-growing cities in all of Asia. It is a perfect mix of a flourishing economy and rich heritage.

Back-packing and solo travels have entered the modern trend. One can easily find flights to Jakarta and Bali, but for the most part, much of Indonesia is mainly accessible by road. On the official website of redBus, get an insight on over 100 different destinations to explore. Explore Indonesia for student travels this summer school vacation. With its tranquil beaches, beautiful temples, and national parks, Indonesia offers a lot to explore, be it school holidays or gap year! 

Shuttle operators

There are numerous bus companies that operate on several routes within Indonesia namely Pahala Kencana, Lorena, Kramat Djati Jakarta, Rasa Sayang, and Tiara Mas.

Types of Shuttle Bus

Most shuttle buses fall into the executive and VIP category. The size of the coach is mainly influenced by the demand and the distance between the origin and the destination. Some companies offer 16-seaters while some offer buses that can accommodate over 50 passengers.


Choose what suits your schedule. redBus gives plenty of bus options with different timings. Right from early morning buses to late-night departures, redBus caters to students, employees, and entrepreneurs.


All the buses on the redBus portal are of international standards. Security is one of the leading components of any hospitality industry, and companies here recruit some of the most friendly and skilled professionals. To tackle the humid climate, every coach is air-conditioned. Clean aisles, cushioned seats, toilet, meal services, and an armrest are the numerous amenities provided.


Considering the world-class facilities on board, the price per seat is worth every penny. For example, traveling from Bali to Jakarta, a passenger may get a shuttle ticket between the price range of Rp 460000 ($32) and Rp 505000 ($36). The distance between the above-mentioned destinations is 1,153 kilometers which is said to take 18 hours by road. Nearby destinations can get you tickets for nearly half the price without you missing out on any of these facilities.

Importance of shuttle services within Indonesia

Shuttle bus services have paved the way for major development in the areas of tourism as well as for citizens. It now gives access to people to visit far-off destinations and at the same time, learn about their home country. Movement within the country also benefits the economy, thereby boosting trade and commerce. In the case of tourism, inbound visitors can now escape the cliché tourist places and change the trend. Bus companies also promote an eco-friendly environment which today has gained the utmost importance.

For more information, visit the redBus website and get exclusive discounts and offers on your first booking. One can even see online reviews from previous users of the service as well as pictures of the shuttle operators.


What is a shuttle bus?
A shuttle bus is a minibus that provides transportation services with a smaller passenger capacity than ordinary buses. This type of bus can travel over short distances within an urban area as well as long distances across cities and provinces.
How do I book a shuttle bus online?
Ordering shuttle bus tickets online can now be done more practically through the mobile application or the official website of redBus. You only need to choose the city or terminal of origin and destination, determine the bus operator you want, and choose a ticket with a price according to your budget. The payment process can also be done through various payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, and more.
Is it safe to travel by bus during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Using buses as a means of traveling during a pandemic is considered safer with hygiene standards and health protocols that are always implemented at all times. Bus operators partnering with redBus also implements physical distancing and health check procedures for each bus they run.
Can I cancel a bus ticket that has been booked?
Each bus operator has its own policy regarding this matter. So, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions if you want to cancel after buying bus tickets online via redBus.
How do I get a refund or cancel a ticket order?
You can request an order cancellation or take care of the refund process by contacting redBus customer service. Services are available on weekdays from 07.00-23.00 by phone 021-39706060 or email However, keep in mind, refund and ticket cancellation policies must also refer to the terms of each available bus operator.
Can I order the shuttle bus to go to the airport?
Certainly can. Several bus operators working with redBus provide transportation services to airports, such as Soekarno-Hatta Airport and a number of major airports in other cities. This is information about the shuttle bus along with the price range for bus tickets and how to get practical travel tickets with redBus. Make sure the above information is your main reference when planning a road trip in the near future.

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