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COVID Bus Travel Guidelines

Find answers to frequently asked questions about COVID bus travel in Indonesia during the current COVID-19 situation. If you’re worried about Corona safety while travelling in a bus in Indonesia, here are answers to the most commonly asked questions on public transport and the COVID info you may need. 

FAQs on COVID Travel in Indonesia

1. What are the precautions I should follow for public transport if I want to travel during COVID-19 lockdown period?

During Corona, bus travel is allowed for the following: 

1. People who work in government or private institutions that provide Covid-19 services

2. People who work in public order defence and defence services

3. People who work in health services

4. People who work in essential services, essential support services, and important economic function services

5. Patients who need emergency health service or the people with a family member seriously ill or dying

6. Repatriation of Indonesian migrant workers and Indonesian citizens or students who are abroad and the repatriation of people with special reasons to the area of origin 

In the time of COVID, travel documents that are required are as follows:

a. KTP (ID) or Passport

b. Health Certificate (based on new information, bus passenger only-need Health statement letter issued from clinic level (Puskesmas) or hospital)

c. Statement Letter: for a worker, overseas student.

d. Medical and Death Letter (for some cases)


2. For what purposes during COVID, bus travel is permitted as per government policy?

The bus travel during COVID is permitted to transfer the passenger if the passenger follows all the regulations before departure.  


3. Can I travel home during this Mudik by an AKAP bus or shuttle?

Mudik or home travel for migrant workers is not allowed. Only the passengers fulfilling the above requirements can travel in Corona lockdown. 


4. Do I need to carry additional documents/letters, if I travel during COVID-19 lockdown period?

Yes, you are required to carry mandatory documents as mentioned in the government guidelines during any travel in Corona lockdown period. You may need to carry the following documents: 

a. KTP or Passport (mandatory)

b. Health Certificate (mandatory)

c. Statement Letter (mandatory)

d. Medical and Death Letter (for some cases)  


5. Are there any red zones or containment zones where buses are not allowed to go?

For now, there are no specific COVID bus travel restrictions for the red zone area. 


6. Can I book bus tickets online on redBus for my travel during COVID period?

Based on the Government announcement, tickets can only be sold from Bus Operator sales offices and branches. However, in practice, some Bus Operators have already asked redBus to sell their ticket, as they believe during COVID, bus travel tickets online would be helpful. 

7. Have AKAP buses and shuttles started normal operations across Indonesia?

Some of the bus operators have already opened their inventory after the announcement on bus travel during Corona, but not all routes are open.  


8. What measures are bus operators taking in order to ensure the safety of passengers and their staff?

Bus operators are taking preventive measures to ensure passenger and their staff safety, such as:

1. Regular temperature checks of the staff before every trip or shift

2. A passenger who does not use a face mask will be provided free from some bus operators

3. Seating arrangement with social distancing for Corona safety

4. Hand sanitizers/ hand wash in buses or at boarding points.

5. No linens/ blankets in buses during COVID travel 


9. Are bus prices likely to increase during COVID period?

Yes, because bus operators have to reduce the number of seats due to social distancing. 


10. Are refunds allowed on cancellations or reschedule / date change requests?

There will be no refund and rescheduling. 


11. Are there any designated areas for boarding the buses in my city?

All buses are required to board from the Terminal in each city. Some passengers are restricted to board on the road or illegal boarding points.

Following are the major boarding points in each city:

-Semarang: Terminal Mangkang, Terminal Sukun

- Purwokerto: Terminal Induk Purwokerto

- Solo: Terminal Tirtonadi

- Yogyakarta: Terminal Jombor 


12. Will buses make regular rest stops during any travel in COVID? Will there be any changes to stoppage schedules?

Yes, there’s still a regular schedule for rest stops, and the buses will continue to stop at specific restaurants/ dining places.  


13. Will buses continue to provide all amenities as usual?

No. The amenities that can potentially spread COVID-19 in public transport, such as pillows and blankets, are not allowed. Additional amenities like disinfectant may be provided in several buses.

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